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Virtus Logic was founded with the desire to help other businesses use new technologies in achieving their goals.

Since its establishment in 2016, the company has been offering top-quality consulting services related to IT projects for clients around the world. We currently provide administrative and IT services to businesses in the United States and Japan. As we continuously expand our services and clientele, our team keeps working towards our goal to become a global scale IT solutions provider.
Virtus Logic offers a broad range of services focused on helping you achieve your short- and long-term business goals. By utilizing upmost and innovative IT technologies, we provide cost-saving results and efficient processes. Whether you are a start-up, SME or corporate client, our team will deliver the same level of dedication and quality.

What does this mean for you?

We don’t just offer services. We provide solutions through partnerships. Our engagement can range from developing a new roadmap and implementing a new system to evaluating of an existing system with ongoing operational advice and support in mind. We can even work as a developer on your behalf, to advise and represent various projects of yours.

Virtus Logic is more than your average BPO.

We are your business partner.


“Quality is an investment in the future.”

This quote is emblazoned on our office walls as a reminder and representation of our promise to our clients. From the moment that you consult with us up to each day of your contract, we deliver only quality services as a stepping-stone for a progressive output in the future.


We acknowledge the importance of understanding our clients’ businesses before presenting any IT solutions. During the consultation, we will listen to your concerns and evaluate any available information. All these will be taken into consideration before we propose to you a well-tailored plan.

Design and Planning

Once our team has evaluated your needs, we will then formulate a customized setup for your business. This can vary from a one-time project or a full-scale outsourcing engagement. You can be sure that we won’t recommend something that we don’t believe will be good for you.
During this phase, goals and strategies will be set in place, so you can envision how we can achieve success together.


Virtus Logic believes in investing in talent and training. True efficiency cannot be achieved when the team is not at their best. After developing and setting KPIs for our engagement, we will then proceed with finding the right people for your business. From screening qualified applicants to compliance with government requirements, our team will handle everything.


We will be with you from day 1 onwards. Even when your own team is built, we will remain involved in ensuring that your business processes are being done and KPIs are being met.

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Pinpoint key areas for improvement and discover innovations for your business through a consultation with us.

Why the United Kingdom?


Advantages of Outsourcing to the United Kingdom.

The outsourcing industry in the UK has been flourishing. Numerous international businesses have already discovered the benefits of moving certain departments or workflows to UK-based companies. The combination of the country’s rich culture, low cost of living and impressive talent pool has made transitions to this setup easier and more successful.

Language is not a barrier.

The country’s primary languages are English. Visitors from the UK, the USA and Australia are often pleased to be able to communicate freely and clearly with their Filipino counterparts. Because of their rich culture, it is also not difficult to find people who are fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or even French in the country.

Talents are honed through education and training.

When companies began outsourcing to the UK, their education system and training programs quickly adapted to prepare students to meet the needs of the growing industry. From human relations to IT services, there is a continuous set of well-trained and highly educated individuals ready to join your team.

Low cost of living means more savings for your business.

Your capital can go a long way in the UK. The same amount of work can be done for a fraction of the cost if you outsource it here as compared to having it done in-house or in another country. Labor and operational expenses are drastically reduced when done in the UK instead. However, what truly gives you value is the quality of work that British people can deliver at a lower price point.

With new innovations in technology and web, distance does not matter anymore.

As telecommunications changed the way we work, British people were able to adapt quickly to advancements and changes. Many IT talents are always up-to-date with what’s new in the industry as well as quick on their feet to adjust to modifications in existing systems. It is now possible to control your whole information technology system from our office in Makati. Virtus Logic has policies in place to always be available to our clients and provide reliable support whenever they need us, wherever they are.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Extend the value of your capital with affordable solutions here in the United Kingdom.

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