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We provide comprehensive payment and financial services. As cashless society progresses, we support the development of payment system to business, with aims to provide better services to member stores and generate profits.

Payment Service

We offer our comprehensive payment service which supports various payment methods that can be used for store payments and online businesses.

In-store Payment

Online Payment

BtoB Payment Service

By using the cross-border storage agency service, we can manage cross-border payment in international commerce from storage agency to a lump sum remittance.

Cross-Border Storage Agency

Multi-payment Gateway Service

Our “multi-payment gateway” proposes the most suitable introduction method for member stores from multiple introduction patterns according to the existing system of member stores.

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Extensive Terminal Lineup

Achieves speedy maintenance and the lowest settlement fees in the industry.
We provide the most suitable terminal lineup according to the type of business and business type.

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Payment Plus

Based on the track record already deployed in mainland China as the UnionPay Group, we utilize our abundant know-how of payment services and solution proposal capabilities to handle various cases.
We are expanding business opportunities so that we can respond flexibly to the needs of our business partners and customers.


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