Multi-payment gateway service

Our “multi-payment gateway” collectively cooperates with multiple payment operators.

Overview of our "multi-payment gateway"

“Multi-payment gateway”
proposes the most suitable introduction method for member stores from multiple introduction patterns according to the existing system of member stores.

Features of multi-payment gateway

1. Standard support for major payment brands

Since it supports credit cards of 7 international brands, QR brands in Japan, and QR brands overseas, it is possible to lock in member stores.

2. Cost reduction of system introduction / repair

Since we provide a system that supports payment companies (brands), it is not necessary for member stores to repair the system each time they partner with a payment company, and development costs can be reduced.

3. Providing transaction management screen

A dedicated system management screen is provided, and transaction history of various payments can be referenced in real time.

4. Matching check of transaction data

Check if there is any difference in the transaction data and check if there is any difference in the transaction.

Corresponding brand

From credit card payment to QR code payment, various brand connections can be made according to customer needs.

Flow of cross-border settlement storage agency service

It is a series of flow until the price of cross-border settlement is deposited in your company.

credit card

UnionPay, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, DinersClub, American Express, Discover can be used.

QR code

You can use UnionPay QR, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayPay, d-payment, LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay, and Smart Cord.

6 Reasons to Choose Our Company

Cashless support
  • Increased unit price
  • Inbound is also available
  • Contactless payment for peace of mind
Elimination around the cash register
  • Supports multiple payments with a single terminal
Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce waiting time for accounting
  • Providing payment methods tailored to customers
POS interlocking
  • Reduce work mistakes by linking with POS
  • Increased productivity by improving efficiency
Cooperation with automatic payment machine
  • By making the payment machine compatible with cashless payments, labor costs can be reduced.
Unification of a wide variety of payment services
  • Reduce introduction costs by batch processing various payment services with one unit at our own gateway
  • Providing a variety of payment solutions

All payment scenes can be handled with one terminal

The M1 multi-payment terminal is a multi-payment terminal equipped with multiple payment systems. We support a variety of cashless payments, including credit card payments, QR code payments, and other payments for inbound demand.
Equipped with OS / communication function Equipped with
printer function
Equipped with OS / communication function 4G / Wi-Fi High speed
thermal printer
58mm / 40mm