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Job Description

① We will comprehensively propose, sell, and support all products that lead to cashless payments for companies. We will carry out various proposal sales from the introduction of cashless payment to small stores to solution proposals to medium-sized and large companies.

②  It is the work of commercializing services outside our company by making external adjustments and internal adjustments. Not only will you commercialize it, but you will also be asked to arrange and sell each company at the same time.

Required Skills

What we are looking for is a person who can change their minds immediately even if they make a mistake. In addition to doing the same things as other companies and others, we are actively incorporating inexperienced products and aiming for a total solution for companies. We are looking for human resources who can take on challenges with new ideas and perspectives. There are many employees who have achieved great results even if they are inexperienced, and many employees who have actually stepped up to managerial positions in their 20s are also active. I would like people who are highly motivated to take on challenges and have a strong intellectual curiosity to absorb more and more and take on more challenges.

Qualification:None in particular
Ability:Chinese / English (Preferential for those who can speak)
Skill:PC operation can be done (Excel / PowerPoint required)

Work location

6-12-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Park West 12F


◆ 4 minutes walk from “Shinjuku Station” on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

◆ 6 minutes walk from “Tochomae Station” on the Toei Subway Line

◆ 14 minutes walk from “Shinjuku Station” on each line

Working Hours

9:00~18:00((8 hours of actual work, 1 hour of break)

Time may vary depending on the assigned business


Please contact us.

※Determined according to our regulations, taking into consideration experience and ability.
※Trial period: 3 months to 6 months (the salary and treatment will not change during the period)

Salary Increase

Once a year (June)
※A salary increase of approximately 30,000 to 50,000 yen is possible each time. (Depends on sales performance)


Twice a year (June / December)


◆ Transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen)
◆ Overtime
◆Business trip 

<120 days or more of annual holidays>

◆ Complete weekly two-day system (Sunday)
◆ Celebration
◆ Summer vacation
◆ Year-end and New Year holidays
◆ GW vacation
◆ Paid leave
◆ Condolence leave
◆ Prenatal and postnatal leave
◆ Childcare leave


◆ Fully equipped with social insurance
(employment, work-related accidents, health, and senior citizens)
◆ Health check
◆ Subsidy for influenza vaccination
◆ Welfare service (Relo Club) available
◆ Subsidy for social gathering within the department
◆ Year-end party
◆ Free water server, coffee and tea
◆ Office Glyco

How to apply

Method 1: Please send an email to the following email address to the effect that you would like to have an interview.

Email Address



Interview Request


【Full name】
【Street address】
【cell phone number】
【mail address】

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[Other / Questions]

How to apply

Method 2: Please contact us by phone for an interview

After contacting us, we will hand over your resume and set the date and time of the interview.

Phone Number


In Charge

To the recruitment staff of the Human Resources Division
※It will be smooth if you tell us that you called after seeing the website.

Number of Interviews

We plan to contact you twice and make an offer in 2 to 3 weeks.